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DR AMIR AZADI was born in 1975 in TAHRAN. He received his degree in medicine at the UNIVERSITY of TAHRAN from which he graduated in 1998 and moved to Turkey.

He served as the director of Fitness Centre at Capital Health Hospital for 3 years after receiving a high-degree recognition from the Department of Aesthetics and Beauty at Stanford University, USA in 2002.

Having founded and operated the Aesthetic Surgery division at Dubai American Hospital, he received LIPOMATIC training in Belgium for 1 year. He completed his training with merit and received a certificate of Lipomatic Specialist.

DR AMIR AZADI ranks at the top of the list of persons who perform the best and the most Lipomatic in the world so far.
He returned to USA and opened Beverly Hills Beauty Centre Lipomatic and Fat injection Clinic in Orange County.
Currently, he continues his studies in USA and Turkey.

Lipomatic is the latest slimming device designed with cutting-edge technology and certified by FDA.

This is an operation which ensures the suction of all fat in a single application, free of anaesthesia, suture, mark or pain, so this procedure brings about a perfect tightening by repairing the skin following the suction of fat.

The system allows the person to return to normal life quickly and comfortably after the operation.

Application areas include upper back, abdomen, legs, inner legs, waist, arms and jowl.

The fat removed can be injected into all areas as filling procedure during the application upon request if necessary

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